Are women more ethical than men?

    While some feminists admonish men for their lack of reflexivity or for their inflexible construction of gender, little do they take into account the essentialist nature of their own fundamental positions: that, in some way or another, women are more "ethical" than men.  These feminists usually have a type of "Mother Mary" image imprinted in their minds, and honestly (but without scientific proof) believe that the entry of women into positions of authority will somehow lead to a more "peaceful" and "harmonious" world.  In spite of the many protests alluding to the absence of male self-reflection, little do they realize their own lack of reflexivity, equally demonstrating a very profound ignorance of human behavior in highly-remunerative institutions.  Certainly we find both moral and immoral individuals of either gender everywhere; both 'saints' and 'sinners' abound.   However, the entire discussion raises the issue of the sociological factors in an individual's life which lead to the establishment of moral behavior, or lack thereof.  In this sense, we might treat morality as we would any other psychological trait, and inquire into their actual distributions in a population and their causes.  While women are trained to be good individuals--and this is not a crime as we should train all citizens regardless of sex to be good persons--we should not necessarily presume that they will necessarily end up as such.  While certainly men might have a greater predisposition towards physical activity as a means of conflict resolution due to their higher testosterone levels, this does not undermine the female tendency towards a type of psychological sadism under the same conditions--a type of violence that can in fact be much more harmful to an individual over the long run.  While men might employ fists, women might employ words.  The presence of one (physical abuse) certainly does not justify the other (emotional abuse), but in violence studies the second trait is seldom taken into consideration, therefore skewing their final results.   Ideally we would like to increase the presence of ethical individuals in a society, regardless of their sex and gender (however you may want to call it).  An unethical society, in the long run, is ultimately an inviable one. 

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