Corporate Science and The Ideological Construction of a Class

    Who will create Puerto Rico's "new economy"?  This is very difficult to say given the pervasive corporate influence in Puerto Rican society.   Marxists are correct in their allegation that the 'capitalist mode of production" (CMP)  tends to have an undue influence on the 'normal' development of capitalism in the island.  The core group of citizens who would be most apt to naturally develop 'economic entities', given the skill set they have acquired during their long period of training, are at the same time those who are mostly likely disrupt this process of those genuinely engaged in it.  Economic development, alas, does not occur in vacuo but is profoundly shaped by the external forces of the world economy.   In our attempt to reach for the stars, we are knocked down by the same glass ceiling that puts a hold to women in their social ascent to economic power; however, while in one case the ceiling is genetically structured, in the other case, the ceiling has economic bases at heart.  "Science" and "marxism" come head to head in the evolution of the Puerto Rican economy.

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