On immaturity, pats on the back, and ignoble statesmen: The George Bush Jr. - Angela Merkel Story (G8)

    One of the most embarrassing moments in the George Bush administration was when Bush Jr. gave Angela Merkel a 'massage' at a previous G8 meeting in Russia.   Merkel was sitting down as a dignified head of state before her other colleagues and a number of cameramen, when Bush, as he walked to his own chair, stood behind Merkel and touched her back.  While this act may not seem such a bad gesture, in and of itself, what was so personally humiliating about the incident was that George Bush seemed to have been acting as an immature high school student who is about to bug a girl sitting next to him.  (See below for the event.)  Merkel, naturally indignant, stood up and walked away in disbelief.  Although Bush Jr. might hold the position as 'head of state' (US President, remember?), he certainly does not fit its shoes in far from being a statesman; as they say here in Puerto Rico (and probably in Spain), "aunque la vistas de ceda, mona se queda." (A monkey in silken clothing will still act like a monkey.)    While these events are certainly not significant events from any point of view, they certainly did a great deal of damage to Bush Jr.'s image--reinforcing what was already publicly rumored about him.  What is particular to note, however, was that at the recent G8 meeting, Merkel treated Bush Jr. as if nothing of the sort had happened.  One gets the distinct impression that the US administration must have issued a very powerful threat for Merkel, strong enough to suddenly maker her cower to Bush Jr., who certainly deserves all the scorn that can be thrown on him.  

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