The dysfunctional socio-dynamics of the welfare state and the rise of tyrants

    Although a well-intentioned welfare state might begin with a virtuous 'culture', over the years it eventually decays into dysfunctional social dynamics as a result of its welfared condition.  The absence of the need for productivity allows the system in its totality to gradually decay in standards and eventually "fall apart".  We might take as a simple metaphor the human bone.  The presence of a consistent external pressure exerted upon it willl actually  strengthen the bone, one of the benefits of moderate excercise.  In absence of this pressure, the bone will tend to decay--a phenomenon which has been observed in astronauts who spend extended periods of time in outer space (absence of gravity).  Similarly, it might be suggested that the absense of an external pressure forcing different social components to attain and adhere to their respetive positions will tend to drive the totality towards systemic 'incoherence'.  The absence of a "need" driving different groups towards coherent action will fragment the respective group's component parts towards 'individuated action', each actor seeking his own self interest at the cost of the general well-being of the group to which they belong.  The increase in the number of egoistically oriented individuals in itself tends to break down the ability to form coherent and voluntaristic policies, which further spurs the decay of the social order in that the system stimulates virtuous actors, who would seek the general welfare and normally act as counterbalances, to begin seeking their own self interest for their own 'survival needs',  thereby speeding the detrimental spiral.   In the development of generalized dysfunctionality, norms of trust soon become the exception to the rule as members become increasingly aware of their inability to trust other members within the system.  The totality of  'vicious emergent properties' soon establishes the conditions ripe for the rise of the dictator or the tyrant: the individal who abides by no rules but rather 'cuts through the Gordian knot' in order to bring back a level of functionality to the system.  Functionality is restored by the tyrant, but at the cost of irrationality and arbitrary rule, given that the actors themselves have become irrational per se.   The tyrant is very much a product of the particular culture and traits of his society.  The six million dollar question is: "once the tyranical irrational state is established, how can the social order, which has so fallen apart, be brought back to a sense of virtuous normalcy and "progress?"

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