How to Keep Your Data Safe When Traveling Abroad

Source: Gizmodo

Traveling with technology is always a little daunting, but it doesn’t look like it’s getting any easier. Whether it’s a ban on electronic devices like laptops when flying to certain countries, heightened screening procedures that require the removal of nearly all electronics from your bags, or border patrol agents demanding your personal information to search your phone, taking proper steps to secure your personal data has never been more important.

Lucky for you, it’s also never been more convenient to secure your digital info. Apps are freely available that let you mask your most important information; privacy-centered operating systems can protect your browsing habits; and ditching your data temporarily is as simple as using a web app.

Use a thumb drive operating system

Portable operating systems aren’t new, but if you’re security-conscious you’ll be glad you brought one with you. A portable operating system means you can leave your primary laptop at home, along with any data you want to keep from prying eyes, and turn any computer around into your own secure workstation without leaving a trace.



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