Intelligence Officials Disturbed By Trump's Attempts to Get World Leaders to Call His Personal Cellphone

Source: Gizmodo

Yes, Trump did a parody rendition of Hotline Bling on SNL. GIF Source: SNL
Donald Trump just wants to be everyone’s best bud and he’d rather they skip the formalities and give him a call on his personal cellphone. For many reasons, this is very worrisome to the people who get paid to worry about this sort of thing.
Let’s just say that since the day Trump was elected, he and his administration haven’t been particularly great with national security protocols. Even if we ignore whatever the hell is going on with the Russia investigation, there are too many examples of wreckless incidents with secure information to list them all. Remember the time his people gathered around documents about the North Korea nuclear program and used their smartphone flashlights to be able to see them? That was fun.

But Trump’s personal phone has been a particular headache for security personnel since day one. At first, he fought to keep his unsecured Android. Later, reports emerged that he’d moved to an iPhone, which is good since it’s generally more secure. We’re going to assume that he’s not just using a stock iPhone, surely the Secret Service was able to persuade him to use some sort of modified device. Staff has not convinced him to give up sending erratic tweets out of the blue just yet, but if current reports are true, Twitter is the only app on his phone. At least that narrows down potential vulnerabilities.



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