Teen Sues Apple for $1 Billion, Claiming Facial Recognition Led to False Arrest

Source: Gizmodo

A New York teen’s life was made miserable because of mistaken identity cases caused by Apple’s facial recognition software, according to a $1 billion lawsuit filed against Apple on Monday.

Ousmane Bah’s lawsuit claims that someone stole his driver’s permit—which did not have a face photo—and then used that permit to wrongly identify themselves as Bah when they were caught stealing $1,200 worth of Apple products, mostly Apple pencils, from a Boston store location.

Bah asserts that when the alleged thief was caught and falsely presented themselves as Bah, Apple security took a photo of the thief and wrongly attached it to Bah’s personal information in a security system. So when other alleged thefts were committed by that person, Apple falsely determined Bah to be the alleged criminal, according to the suit.



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