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GrayKey' iPhone Unlocking Box Seeing Wide Adoption Among Law Enforcement

Source: MacRumorsGrayShift's recently publicized "GrayKey" box designed to crack locked iPhones is seeing wide adoption among police forces and federal agencies across the United States...

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Cops Around the Country Can Now Unlock iPhones, Records Show

Source: MotherboardFBI Director Christopher Wray recently said that law enforcement agencies are “increasingly unable to access” evidence stored on encrypted devices.Wray is not telling the whole...

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ProtonMail Launches a Shorter Email Domain and Other New Features for Encryption Lovers

Source: GizmodoAn encrypted email service widely used among journalists and political dissidents just got several new sick features, including, let’s be honest, the only thing we really care about: a...

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Cambridge Analytica Goons Brag About Winning the Election for Trump in New Undercover Video

Source: GizmodoCambridge Analytica, the data-firm that’s wrapped up in a massive scandal with Facebook, is having a very bad week. Following Monday’s reveal of an undercover video showing executives...

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13 Critical Flaws Discovered in AMD Ryzen and EPYC Processors

Source: Hacker NewsSecurity researchers claimed to have discovered 13 critical Spectre/Meltdown-like vulnerabilities throughout AMD's Ryzen and EPYC lines of processors that could allow attackers to...

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Pretty Soon a Smart Assistant Won't Be a Choice

Source: GizmodoAt home, my pair works like a deeply discounted Sonos setup. I can tell Google’s Assistant to play a song on “both speakers,” and it’ll pipe tinny, still-decent-sounding music into my...

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Every single Yahoo account was hacked - 3 billion in all

Source: CNN Sitting down? An epic and historic data breach at Yahoo in August 2013 affected every single customer account that existed at the time, Yahoo parent company Verizon said on Tuesday.That's...

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Former Facebook Exec: 'You Don’t Realize It But You Are Being Programmed

Source: GizmodoLast month, Facebook’s first president Sean Parker opened up about his regrets over helping create social media as we know it today. “I don’t know if I really understood the...

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