¿Does God exist?

    I was listening to Radio Isla (1320 AM, Puerto Rico) the other day, when I was taken completely by surprise by the debate pertaining to the existence of God.  Although the moderator did not want to discuss the topic, listeners kept calling the station to express their own personal opinions about the matter.  Particularly curious was the argument put forth in favor of God’s existence by an anonymous scientists.   He alleged that, as nothing can create itself, the mere existence of the universe by definition requires the presence of a deific entity (a god), regardless of however one wanted to call it.  What took me by surprise was the fact that these same debates were held more than 300 years ago in european intellectual history.  Although such topics have played a central role i the formation of the western world-view, it was obvious that such knowledge has been forgotten in the actuality—particularly so when we find a scientist making such claims.  As a result, I decided to place a copy of an essay I wrote a while ago on the theme.  The scientists presumption was simply false.  Ironically, it has been precisely the development of the concept of a auto-evolutive mechanism which has been one of the greatest intellectual contributions by darwinism and the social sciences.  Societies, as species, construct themselves.  The existence of God, as a explanation for natural phenomena, is very limited in providing a genuine understanding of the way the world actually works.  It is not whether ‘god exists or not’ but rather whether the question is simply relevant at all.

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