-Access Now
Digital Security support.
Date Added: 11.01.15    Visits: 191

-Adium (OTR chat)
Date Added: 31.10.14    Visits: 188

Two factor authentication. Varias plataformas/os.
Date Added: 10.01.17    Visits: 20

Encrypt files on browser...
Date Added: 09.04.16    Visits: 88

-BitTorrent Sync
intercambio de datos / data exchange
Date Added: 29.03.14    Visits: 248

-Blackout Pocket Level II (Security bag*)
Source: Scott eVest. Blocks RFID, Cell and GPS Signals
Date Added: 06.06.15    Visits: 207

Secure cellphone (Silent Circle) / celular seguro (Silent Circle)
Date Added: 02.03.14    Visits: 287

-Bleep (Bit torrent)
chat / chateo.
Date Added: 21.08.14    Visits: 237

Local network honeypot
Date Added: 23.04.16    Visits: 127

-Cloudflare Universal SSL
SSL certification via DNS. Websites only. / Certificacion SSL via DNS. Portales nada mas.
Date Added: 30.09.14    Visits: 414

-Comprehensive email evaluation**
Altamente recomendado
Date Added: 26.11.15    Visits: 102

2 factor authentication non Google email.
Date Added: 26.11.15    Visits: 189

texting / texteo
Date Added: 17.06.13    Visits: 312

Detekt is a free tool that scans your Windows computer for traces of FinFisher and Hacking Team RCS (commercial surveillance spyware).
Date Added: 23.11.14    Visits: 196

-Digital First Aid
Source: Digital Defenders
Date Added: 11.01.15    Visits: 226

-Digital First Aid Kit 2
Source: Github
Date Added: 11.01.15    Visits: 276

Join over 10 million people who actively use our software to protect themselves from hackers and trackers.
Date Added: 18.09.15    Visits: 107

Buscador privado / Private Search Engine
Date Added: 23.06.13    Visits: 343

-Facebook via TOR
Para acceder pagina de Facebook anonimamente. (Requiere TOR)
Date Added: 31.10.14    Visits: 161

-FIDO U2F SECURITY KEY (Yubico/Yubikey)
Google GMAIL security. $18
Date Added: 25.10.14    Visits: 492

-File Pizza
P2P via browser.
Date Added: 09.04.16    Visits: 96

bluetooth meshnet
Date Added: 02.08.15    Visits: 131

-Firefox Focus
Privacy browser iOS.
Date Added: 18.11.16    Visits: 31

-Global Leaks
GlobaLeaks is an open source project aimed at creating a worldwide, anonymous, censorship-resistant, distributed whistleblowing platform.
Date Added: 11.01.15    Visits: 178

-GPG 4Win
GPG para Windows
Date Added: 26.06.15    Visits: 181

email / correo electrónico
Date Added: 14.06.13    Visits: 303

-GSM Map
Global map of cellphone security.
Date Added: 11.01.15    Visits: 218

-Guardian Project
Adroid security suite.
Date Added: 05.10.14    Visits: 240

PGP GPG for mobile email / PGP GPG para correo electrónico movil
Date Added: 27.07.13    Visits: 1391

-Jabber (Riseup)
secure chat
Date Added: 31.10.14    Visits: 225

-Just Delete Me
erasing online accounts
Date Added: 23.08.14    Visits: 291

-Let's Encrypt (EFF)
Free Certificate Authority (Summer 2015)
Date Added: 23.11.14    Visits: 201

correo electronico privado. bajo desarrollo.
Date Added: 11.01.15    Visits: 162

Secure email client, Apple
Date Added: 31.07.16    Visits: 43

Chrome browser extention*
Date Added: 06.08.14    Visits: 421

Share passwords securely.
Date Added: 14.03.15    Visits: 124

Easily Control Automatic and Unwanted
Windows 7 & 8.1 Upgrading to Windows 10
Date Added: 02.04.16    Visits: 74

-Nope : Live Free
Magnets for covering lens on mobile devices (laptops, tablets, etc). / Imanes para cubrir lentes de dispositivos moviles.
Date Added: 04.10.14    Visits: 269

-Off the record messaging
Date Added: 31.10.14    Visits: 176

-Open DNS
Date Added: 14.03.15    Visits: 150

-Open VPN**
tablet / tableta
Date Added: 16.02.14    Visits: 269

-PGP (Norton)
email / correo electrónico
Date Added: 14.06.13    Visits: 311

Universal OTR chat client
Date Added: 31.10.14    Visits: 204

-Pirate box
Private local wifi network to anonymously share filed (no interent connection)
Date Added: 21.10.14    Visits: 523

-Privacy Badger (EFF)
Firefox/Chrome extension, blocks tracking software on sites.
Date Added: 15.08.15    Visits: 105

Encrypted email; servers in Switzerland.
Date Added: 03.11.14    Visits: 205

-Qubes OS
Qubes is an open-source operating system designed to provide strong security for desktop computing using Security by Compartmentalization approach.
Date Added: 29.08.15    Visits: 99

-Ransomware Decryptor
Kaspersky Labs
Date Added: 15.04.15    Visits: 160

Secure messaging. Computer. (not for mobile devices)
Date Added: 11.12.16    Visits: 30

-Sanboxie VM
Light virtual machine for Windows; run browser to control unrequested access to computer.
Date Added: 15.08.15    Visits: 81

Sandstorm is an open source operating system for personal and private clouds.
Date Added: 31.07.16    Visits: 36

-Secure Drop
Date Added: 21.12.16    Visits: 28

-Secure Quick Reliable Login (SQRL)**
Gibson Research Corporation
Date Added: 23.11.14    Visits: 465

Use Shodan to discover which of your devices are connected to the Internet, where they are located and who is using them./ Keep track of all the computers on your network that are directly accessible from the Internet. Shodan lets you understand your digital footprint.
Date Added: 11.12.15    Visits: 72

-Signal (Whisper Systems)*
secure texting / texteo seguro. Altamente recomendado
Date Added: 19.11.15    Visits: 65

-Sniff test
ONLY for celular networks /SOLO para redes por celular
Date Added: 01.11.14    Visits: 200

Detects cellphone attacks. Qualcom chip only
Date Added: 11.01.15    Visits: 200

most secure cloud based storage to date / la 'nube' mas segura hasta la fecha
Date Added: 14.03.14    Visits: 220

Free 1year SSL certificates (for website owners).
Date Added: 14.02.15    Visits: 159

-Tails (OS)**
Tails is a live operating system, that you can start on almost any computer from a DVD, USB stick, or SD card.
Date Added: 07.09.13    Visits: 304

-Threema (mutliplatform)**
texteo / texting (celular/cellphone)
Date Added: 22.06.13    Visits: 310

-Tiny Hardware Firewall
gadget with VPN & TOR
Date Added: 06.05.16    Visits: 47

-Tor Messenger
Secure texting via TOR
Date Added: 01.11.15    Visits: 78

internet anonymity / anonimidad en la red
Date Added: 14.06.13    Visits: 318

-TorChat - mac
Windows link:
Date Added: 16.04.16    Visits: 132

P2P via browser
Date Added: 09.04.16    Visits: 59

File, folder, hard drive encryption / encrypcion de documentos, sobres y discos duros.
GRC repository (Steve Gibson)**
Date Added: 29.03.14    Visits: 272

-Two Factor Authentication List
Date Added: 03.11.14    Visits: 183

-UBlock Origin
Security browser extension: Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari
Date Added: 29.08.15    Visits: 87

sistema operativo / operating system
Date Added: 16.02.14    Visits: 217

Substitutes TrueCrypt. Improved.
Date Added: 23.10.16    Visits: 34

-VPN (a)
Date Added: 17.06.13    Visits: 1083

PGP mail for Google Chrome (via connection)
Date Added: 23.02.15    Visits: 146

-Windows AppLocker
Windows 7, 8.
Date Added: 20.12.14    Visits: 281

Secure message application. Multiplatform: iOS, Android MacOS, Windows.
Date Added: 06.10.16    Visits: 14

-You Broke the Interent
Secure email next generation
Date Added: 14.12.16    Visits: 20

Date Added: 14.12.13    Visits: 258

10 Minute Mail
correo electrónico / email
Date Added: 03.10.13    Visits: 289

Araneus Alea I
True Random Number Generator
Date Added: 25.01.14    Visits: 280

Anti-surveillance gadgets for protesters. (No available products yet)
Date Added: 12.12.15    Visits: 77

P2P texting / texteo P2P
Date Added: 07.09.13    Visits: 485

Bleach Bit
Windows OS cleaning / limpieza de sistema operativo Windows
Date Added: 07.09.13    Visits: 450

Bleeping Computer
compter tech forum--very good for Crytpowall/Cryptolocker
Date Added: 28.02.15    Visits: 238

Cloud security / seguridad en la nube
Date Added: 14.03.14    Visits: 206

Date Added: 17.06.13    Visits: 302

Wifi mesh networks / Redes WIFI al momento
Date Added: 10.02.14    Visits: 282

Companion app (walking safety) Android/Apple
Apple: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/companion-never-walk-alone/id925211972?mt=8&ign-mpt=uo%3D4
Date Added: 25.08.15    Visits: 82

Computer User Rights
Source: Olia Lialina
Date Added: 11.01.15    Visits: 138

Alternative BIOS
Date Added: 01.01.14    Visits: 268

CoreBoot 2
Alternative BIOS / LinuxBIOS
Date Added: 01.01.14    Visits: 256

CryptoLocker Prevention Kit
Source: Steve Gibson (SecurityNow!)
Date Added: 12.11.13    Visits: 284

prevent CryptoLocker virus (Windows)
Date Added: 02.11.13    Visits: 370

Darik's Boot and Nuke
Disk drive full wipe / Borrador disco duro
Date Added: 25.01.14    Visits: 224

Dark Mail
Alliance of Lavabit + Silent Circle. (coming soon)
Date Added: 02.11.13    Visits: 273

Dark Mail
Silent Circle
Date Added: 06.09.14    Visits: 194

Darik's Boot and Nuke, for erasing hard drives
Date Added: 28.08.15    Visits: 70

Decrypt Cryptolocker
"Free" virus-encrypted files. / "Liberen" documentos sellados con virus
Date Added: 06.08.14    Visits: 316

DeSeat Me
Google Oauth; subscription management to your Google accounts.
Date Added: 03.12.16    Visits: 10

Dolphin Zero
Android texto
Date Added: 29.01.14    Visits: 483

Electronic Texts library
University of Virginia
Date Added: 23.06.13    Visits: 299

Ethan Hawn 2 Factor authentication list
Date Added: 14.12.13    Visits: 266

Firefox Portable
Para Windows. Contiene todos los certificados; y por ende no sujeto a 'spoofing'.
Date Added: 14.08.16    Visits: 58

Fix Mac OSX SIUD/GUD attack
Date Added: 06.08.15    Visits: 140

Free VPN / VPN gratuito
Date Added: 08.02.14    Visits: 318

Date Added: 14.03.15    Visits: 198

Google Vault
Date Added: 06.06.15    Visits: 96

GSMK CryptoPhone
GSM cellular network, 3G/UMTS, satellite, or land line
Date Added: 31.12.13    Visits: 253

Hak5 Store
Date Added: 21.09.14    Visits: 313

Texteo / Texting
Date Added: 21.07.13    Visits: 411

HTTPS Everywhere
Browser addon
Date Added: 06.07.13    Visits: 414

password protect bookmarks (Chrome only) / proteccion por clave de entradas (solamente Chrome)
Date Added: 14.09.13    Visits: 502

motor de busqueda PRIVADO / PRIVATE search engine
Date Added: 19.08.13    Visits: 296

Correo electrónico / Email
(Requiere conexión SSL / Requires SSL Connection)
Date Added: 21.07.13    Visits: 293

Lightbeam (Mozilla)
Track the trackers. Identifique los seguidores.
Date Added: 27.10.13    Visits: 283

Mail Pile
New 'email'
Date Added: 06.09.14    Visits: 184

Browser PGP / GPG para Navegador
Date Added: 17.08.13    Visits: 287

Major retailer password security score
Date Added: 08.02.14    Visits: 284

Secure email (Switzerland)
Date Added: 26.12.13    Visits: 237

Proxy - VPN app (Apple OSX)
Date Added: 09.12.15    Visits: 58

Off-the-Record (OTR) Messaging
Date Added: 07.09.13    Visits: 249

Onion Browser for iOS
Date Added: 14.03.14    Visits: 275

Opta por salir de PRISM
Date Added: 06.07.13    Visits: 285

Privacy Badger
Blocks spying ads and invisible trackers.. Electronic Fronteir Foundation.
Date Added: 26.07.14    Visits: 212

Privoxy is a non-caching web proxy with advanced filtering capabilities for enhancing privacy, modifying web page data and HTTP headers, controlling access, and removing ads and other obnoxious Internet junk. Privoxy has a flexible configuration and can be customized to suit individual needs and tastes. It has application for both stand-alone systems and multi-user networks.
Date Added: 30.10.15    Visits: 98

Project Meshnet
internet anonymity / anonimidad en la red
Date Added: 14.06.13    Visits: 419

Date Added: 14.02.15    Visits: 133

RedPhone (Android)
voice - talk on cellular / hablando por celular
Date Added: 14.06.13    Visits: 1072

Rescue Peyta encrypted disk
Date Added: 16.04.16    Visits: 33

PGP based texting / texting mediante GPG/PGP
Date Added: 14.03.14    Visits: 310

Sandboxie (Windows only)
Caja virtual para correo electrónico y browser. Microsoft Windows solamente. Prevencion absoluta contra 'cryptolock'.
Date Added: 16.11.13    Visits: 244

Secure Gmail
email (Chrome only) / correo electronico (solamente Chrome)
Date Added: 14.09.13    Visits: 396

Security in a Box
guia / guide
Date Added: 22.06.13    Visits: 312

various / multiples
Date Added: 14.03.14    Visits: 262

Senate data mining report
US Senate
Date Added: 26.12.13    Visits: 257

Silent Circle
comprehensive / comprensivo
Date Added: 14.06.13    Visits: 408

texting / texteo
Date Added: 17.06.13    Visits: 308

New 'email'....
Date Added: 06.09.14    Visits: 160

Steve Gibson (SecurityNow!) invention. Description
Date Added: 27.10.13    Visits: 327

SQRL client
Android only. Based on 'Secure Quick Reliable Login' protocol designed by Steve Gibson.
Date Added: 23.02.15    Visits: 410

Start Page
motor de busqueda PRIVADO / PRIVATE search engine
Date Added: 19.08.13    Visits: 270

texting / texteo
Date Added: 29.01.14    Visits: 1209

Date Added: 14.03.14    Visits: 318

TextSecure (Android)
texting / texteo
Date Added: 22.06.13    Visits: 291

VPN (b)
Date Added: 17.06.13    Visits: 295

texteo / texting
Date Added: 29.01.14    Visits: 205

Web Browser Cookie Forensics
Fuente: Gibson Research Corp (GRC)
Date Added: 10.08.13    Visits: 276

Whisper (Android)
Encrypcion voip/texto / Encryption of voip and text
Date Added: 22.06.13    Visits: 284

Texto / texting
Date Added: 14.03.14    Visits: 235

Wickr (iPhone)
cell phone / celular
Date Added: 14.06.13    Visits: 286

Cellular walkie-talkie
Date Added: 14.03.14    Visits: 194

Internet mapping