Puerto Rico’s PR Firm Made Millions with Putin in Russia (document)

Source: Noticel

The new contracts between the Puerto Rican government and public relations and lobbying firm Ketchum Inc. signify the return of an entity that had left the government in the midst of numerous scandals at the end of Pedro Rosselló’s administration. It also means that the island is now being represented by an entity that, up until recently, used to represent President Vladimir Putin and the Russian government in the United States.

This has been stated thus in documents submitted by Ketchum itself, as per the law, to the US Department of Justice (see copy of the record at the end of this article), and in reports published by media outlets specializing in US politics.

Ketchum’s new contracts in Puerto Rico are for $450,000 with the Tourism Company and $79,200 with the Fiscal Agency and Financial Advisory Authority of Puerto Rico (FAFAA), the agency that—among other tasks—oversees the government’s compliance with PROMESA and the rulings issued by the Fiscal Control Board. The Tourism Company contract spans from May 1 to June 30, and the FAFAA contract, from May 2 to June 30.



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