'Marie Curie: The Courage of Knowledge' delivers stylish view of noted scientist

Source: LA Times

Though its subject might have been known for her scientific expertise, “Marie Curie: The Courage of Knowledge” takes a decidedly poetic approach to the life of the Nobel-Prize-winning scientist. Director Marie Noelle brings a dreamy, impressionistic style to this drama, focusing on Curie’s romantic life and struggles as a woman, rather than dwelling on her scientific advancements.

Bookended by Nobel Prize ceremonies, “Marie Curie” shows the life of Polish-born Curie (Karolina Gruszka) in France between 1905 and 1911. The audience gets a glimpse into her partnership in life and work with husband Pierre (Charles Berling), and then reveals her struggles to be accepted within the male-dominated field. Her relationship with mathematician Paul Langevin (Arieh Worthalter) adds further challenges.



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