Does Anyone Really Trust Trump to Handle the North Korea Nuclear Crisis?

Source: Gizmodo

When the Obama administration left the White House, top officials warned that the No. 1 problem the incoming Trump administration would face globally is North Korea.

Nearly eight long months later, the other shoe has dropped with the advancement of North Korea’s nuclear weapons program to a successful hydrogen bomb test on Sunday. Couple that with the country’s recent testing of intercontinental ballistic missiles capable of reaching the continental United States, one of which flew over Japan, and the U.S. is facing a genuine geopolitical conundrum.

To be clear, there is no ideal response for the U.S. to ponder, as North Korean leader Kim Jong Un seems to be holding all of the powerful cards in this high–stakes showdown. North Korea has about 8,000 pieces of conventional artillery less than 40 miles from Seoul, which is home to 25 million people, according to The Atlantic. The South Korean capital could be destroyed within hours should the U.S. decide to attack North Korea. (Granted, the U.S. also could completely destroy North Korea, but that’s at the expense of destroying much of South Korea.)