What the Hell Is a 'Covert Sonic Device' and Why Is It Deafening Diplomats in Cuba?

Source: Gizmodo

Russia is a boogeyman once again, and the threat of nuclear war looms in the background of our daily lives, but it wouldn’t be a real reboot of the Cold War unless the US was having problems with Cuba. On Wednesday, officials confirmed that two Cuban diplomats were expelled from the US embassy following an “incident” that, well, apparently involved a secret “sonic device” giving diplomats hearing loss?

State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert appeared to be taken off guard at a briefing with the press pool on Wednesday. A packed room had expected questions regarding Trump’s “fire and fury” comments about North Korea, but CBS News wanted clarification on the “incidents going on in Havana affecting US workers there.” Nauert stumbled to give an answer with as few facts as possible. By that evening, the Associated Press, which has an office in Havana, reported an exceedingly strange situation.

According to the news agency, a number of US diplomats at the embassy in Havana began to experience hearing loss in the fall of 2016. The embassy reopened in 2015 when Barack Obama began to establish new diplomatic ties with Cuba, and many of these employees were new to the job.



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