US government report says that climate change is real — and humans are to blame

Source: Nature

From warmer temperatures to more extreme weather, melting glaciers and rising sea levels, humanity is fundamentally changing the planet by pumping greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, US government scientists said on 3 November in their latest assessment of climate science.

The average global temperature has increased by 1 °C since the start of the Industrial Revolution, the 600-page report says — adding that the last 115 years comprise “the warmest period in the history of modern civilization”. The analysis warns that temperatures could increase another 4 °C by the end of the century, with dramatic consequences for humans and natural ecosystems.

The findings are at odds with the policies of US President Donald Trump, who has questioned well-established tenets of climate science and vowed to protect and promote the US fossil-fuel industry. Trump's stances led many scientists to worry that his administration would try to block or tamper with the climate-change assessment, but several scientists who helped to write the document reported no problems.