National Geographic apologizes for publishing Malvinas pictures as from the Falklands

Source: MercoPress

National Geographic has apologized to Tierra del Fuego governor Rosana Bertone for publishing in Instagram pictures identified as taken in the Falklands, instead of the Malvinas Islands. According to Ushuaia reports, aware of this situation, the Environment Secretary of Tierra del Fuego Mauro Pérez Toscani, on instructions from Ms Bertone addressed the National Geographic Foundation to express disappointment and demaning rectification of the Malvinas controversy.

And in effect, this week National Geographic Foundation, Pristine Seas, and signed by Enric Sala, addressed a letter to Ms Rosana Bertone, Governor of Tierra del Fuego, Antarctica and South Atlantic Islands in which it states that they want to clarify a situation relative to a Nat Geo publication, managed from the US, in which a photographer refers to the Malvinas Islands as Falklands.