UK/Brazil launch the Year of Science and Innovation 2018/19

Source: MercoPress

The UK-Brazil Year of Science and Innovation 2018-19, will be celebrated by a cocktail reception on 27 February at the Museum of Tomorrow during the visit of the British Royal Research Ship James Cook to Rio.

This state of the art ship operated by the United Kingdom’s National Oceanography Centre, is responsible for studies in some of the Earth’s most challenging environments, from tropical oceans to the edge of ice sheets.

The UK’s Ambassador to Brazil, Vijay Rangarajan and director of the Museum of Tomorrow, Ricardo Piquet, will host guests from the scientific community, business representatives and officials from the Brazilian government for a cocktail reception to officially announce the UK-Brazil Year of Science & Innovation. The initiative promises to be a celebration of bilateral science and innovation cooperation with a schedule of events, lectures and announcements of new research programs under our Newton Fund with strong opportunities for working with the United Kingdom relating to the UK’s new Industrial Strategy



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