iPhone Slow: What happened with Apple's performance management

Source: iMore

Apple has published a letter explaining the confusion caused by the iOS 10.2.1 update last year that prioritized battery health over peak performance. The company is also offering deep discounts on battery replacements, down from $79 to $29, and will issue a software update that provides far more insight for customers into the state of their battery health. Further, Apple's CEO, Tim Cook, has said an upcoming iOS update will let users disable advanced power management, which causes the throttling, if they so choose.

March 1, 2018: Apple testifies about 'iPhone slow' before Canadian Parliamentary Committee

John Poole, the Ontario resident who runs Primate Labs, the makers of Geekbench, and Apple Canada were brought in to testify today in front of a House of Commons committee looking into the recent controversy surrounding iPhone battery throttling.

While the iPhone sold in Canada is identical to iPhones sold in other parts of the world, and iOS on iPhones in Canada is identical to iOS on other iPhones running in other parts of the world, some members of parliament wanted to be seen doing their part for queen and country. And, since battery throttling kicks in when batteries are old or cold — and Canadians not only face extremely cold winter weather but sometimes also prematurely age their iPhones by mounting them in front of heating vents in the cars or leave them on top of heating elements in their homes, we can benefit from the additional exposure and education.