California Net Neutrality Bill Signed Into Law

Source: Gizmodo

California Governor Jerry Brown on Sunday signed into law Senate Bill 822, legislation that seeks to reestablish net neutrality as the core principle by which internet service providers treat all data carried over their networks within the state.

Like the 2015 Open Internet Order repealed by the FCC in December, S.B. 822 extends to the state’s 40 million residents a host of legal protections aimed at reigning in the power of Big Telecom—a handful of companies that sell internet subscriptions to nearly 100 million U.S. broadband customers, many of whom live in neighborhoods with only a single provider option.

Around two dozen states pushed back after the FCC vote, legislatively and with executive action. Most of the bills are now dead, but of those that did succeed—Oregon, Washington, and Vermont have each enacted net neutrality legislation—none are as thorough in replicating the Obama-era protections as California’s.



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