Puerto Rico's Corporate Bullies: The Pharmaceutical Industry

by Rodrigo Fernos

The US Congress needs to dig much deeper into its investigation of the pharmaceutical industry's malfeasance. Aside from price gouging, these are also corrosively (and criminally) influencing political processes in Puerto Rico where so many of the world's drugs are produced. In spite of the illusion of an elite scientific culture, pharmaceutical insiders behave pretty much like drug lords of the local 'puntos de drogas' (akin to Brazilian favelas)--but obviously with much more finesse so as to not draw too much attention to themselves and their partners. No corporate millionaire, after all, wants to be caught with his hands dirty.  "Dig to the bone", as Elihu Root once said in his investigation of corruption in Cuba. Dig to the bone indeed…and you will find quite a few 'El Chapos'.

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