America's Government Scientists Are Eyeing a Future in Politics

Source: Gizmodo

PHILADELPHIA—As the Trump administration continues to attack science, scientists continue to push back, whether by joining rallies and strikes or running for office. In the next election cycle, the ranks of those choosing the latter route may include more federal government scientists, a group that has traditionally preferred to remain out of the spotlight.

That, at least, is one takeaway from a training event held in Philadelphia last week by 314 Action, a political group that trains and recruits scientists running for office as Democrats. One of several trainings sessions the organization is hosting this year to inform and recruit potential candidates for the 2020 elections, its attendees included the usual mix of researchers, engineers, and doctors from academia, industry, and private sector. But a handful of scientists who hold or have held government positions also came out in what the organization suspects may be the start of a new trend.

“It’s definitely a trend we’re seeing more and more,” 314 Action Executive Director Josh Morrow told Earther. Asked why that might be the case, he had a simple answer: “They’re tired of being on the sidelines watching federal research budgets being decimated.”