Monsanto Loses Another Roundup Cancer Trial, With Jury Awarding Over $2 Billion

Source: Gizmodo

Monsanto Co. lost a legal battle over its massively popular Roundup herbicide on Monday to the tune of $2.055 billion, with a jury in San Francisco ordering the court to pay out the stunning sum to a couple that said it caused their non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

That figure, which consists of $2 billion in punitive damages and $55 million in compensatory ones, is all but certain to be reduced by the trial judge or on appeal—University of California, Hastings School of Law professor David Levine told the Associated Press there is “There is zero chance it will stand.” But it is still yet another blow to Monsanto, which lost two prior suits in San Francisco and is further awaiting “an estimated 13,000 lawsuits” that remain pending around the country, the AP wrote.

The plaintiffs in the case, Alva and Alberta Pilliod of Livermore, California, said they used Roundup once a week for nine months of the year for more than three decades before being given their cancer diagnoses in 2011 and 2015 respectively, according to BuzzFeed News.