Children Put Canada and Norway on Blast for Climate Failures

Source: Earther

The teens are pissed. Perhaps you’ve heard.

Young people have cranked up the pressure all year on world leaders in an attempt to get them to address climate change. In September, 16 teenagers filed a petition against five countries for violating their rights. The petition is in the process of wending its way through an international review process, but those same petitioners have put two more countries on watch.

Earlier this week, the same group of kids, including person of the year Greta Thunberg, sent letters to the governments of Canada and Norway arguing they were also to blame for screwing up the future. The two countries have talked a good climate game while continuing to lean on fossil fuels as the cornerstones of their respective economies.

“Canada and Norway in the past have professed to be leaders in responding to the climate emergency,” Michael Hausfeld, the lawyer who is handling the petition for the group, told Earther. “Yet both of them recently announced expansions of production and exports. It’s the opposite direction, particularly from a leader.”