I Slept With My Gun': What It's Like to Get Your Ring Camera Hacked

Source: Gizmodo

He was on his way home from the grocery store when he got the call. After a weekend out of town, John’s kids were finally asleep in his Houston area home. His wife, too, had been getting ready for bed—until she heard a stranger’s voice echoing down the hallway.

“Is anyone home?” it asked.

“We’re gonna find out,” it promised.

The mysterious male voice was coming, she’d soon discovered, from a speaker on a camera posted near the TV in the living room. It had been there for a while, set up by the couple so they could monitor their babysitters remotely. It had brought them peace of mind. But that was over now.

Soon the voice paused and a loud alarm emanated from the device, piercing like a klaxon through the hallways, threatening to wake the kids. It had also begun taunting John’s dog.

The 33-year-old dad immediately pulled to the side of the road.