Far from Becoming the Jaguar of Latin America: The Ecuadorian Science, Technology and Innovation Policy Turn

by  María Belén Albornoz (2020)
Assessing the Left Turn in Ecuador


jaguarecuadorsci.jpg, Dec 2019This chapter explains the paradigmatic Ecuadorian STI policy change throughout the analysis of the most salient moments and instruments of the policy-making process. As into comprehend the importance of STI policy in Correa’s presidency, it is fundamental to understand the role assigned to science and technology in the ten years of his mandate. While it is important to study the key actors in STI policy-making process, it is equally significant to understand the visions of technology and social order that shape the actions, as well as the reasoning of these actors. For these visions are embedded in the process through which roles and purposes of science and technology become closely intertwined with broader conceptions of national identity, history, and future.

This book examines the “left turn” in Latin American politics, specifically through the lens of Ecuador and the effects of the Citizens’ Revolution’s actions and public policies on relevant actors and institutions. Through a comprehensive analysis of one country’s turn to the left and the outcomes generated by that process, the authors and editors provide a clearer understanding of the ways in which the popular desire for change (predominant through the region in recent times, as a response to late-twentieth-century neoliberalism) was realized—or not. The particular case of Ecuador further potentiates analysis of the entire region-wide process, considering that the “corrector” cycle is now at an end, and that the economic and international conditions that favored the return of left governments have also changed.