Scientists Warn That The Amazon’s Tipping Point Puts Brazil’s Agribusiness, Energy Sector At Risk

Source: The Rising

Overshooting an Amazon rainforest-to-savanna tipping point would be “catastrophic” to Brazil’s economic powerhouses, experts have said — with especially far-reaching impacts for the nation’s agribusiness and energy sectors, and possibly with repercussions for international food security.

As far back as colonization, water abundance in the Amazon biome was taken for granted, benefitting agriculture, commodities transport on Brazilian waterways, and electric power generation at numerous dams. But now, the hydrological cycle is under increasing threat.

Water has always been the lifeblood of the rainforest — it percolates into soils and aquifers, flows down rivers, also up into trees, and east to west across the sky. The Amazon River, fed by its tributaries, pours an astounding 17 billion metric tons of water into the Atlantic Ocean daily.

 aamzon tipping point.png, Feb 2020