Apple has just shown the world how its Smart Glasses will likely work

Source: iMore

It's been clear for some time now that Apple's plans for Augmented Reality are far greater than being able to look through your phone as though it were a window into another world. Apple Glasses have been rumored and speculated upon for years now, but when you ask those people how these glasses would work and still be something people would want to wear on their faces, the answers are typically rather uninspiring.

With the launch of the latest iPad Pro, the biggest missing puzzle piece has fallen into place, and the path to smart glasses with the Apple logo on the side seems much closer to being a real thing than it did a week ago.

Augmented Reality was, by necessity, what happens when you take a snapshot of the real world and overlay virtual opjects. And right now, if you want to do this well, you need a combination of technologies we currently are fine with having on our phones. Accelerometers and Gyroscopes help position you within the augmentations and tells the environment how you are moving around inside it. Spatial audio and direcitonal speakers help you feel like you're really interacting with a virtual environment, and cameras help establish depth which creates the illusion needed to make things feel real for you as the user.



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