Global Investments in R&D

Global Investments in R&D
Source: UNESCO

A snapshot of R&D expenditure

This fact sheet illustrates global and regional trends in the allocation of resources to research and experimental development (R&D). The UIS releases data on resources devoted to R&D once every year – in June.

The most commonly-used indicators to monitor resources devoted to R&D worldwide are gross domestic expenditure on R&D (GERD) expressed in purchasing power parity (PPP$) and R&D intensity (percentage of gross domestic product (GDP) devoted to R&D activities). Figure 1 presents the distribution of R&D expenditure by region.

globla rd investmen 2017.png, Jul 2020

global RD per GDP 2017.png, Jul 2020

The 2017 regional averages for the share of GDP devoted to R&D activities are:
• 2.5% for North America and Western Europe
• 2.1% for East Asia and the Pacific
• 1.7% for World
• 1.0% for Central and Eastern Europe
• 0.7% for Latin America and the Caribbean
• 0.6% for Arab States
• 0.6% for South and West Asia
• 0.4% for sub-Saharan Africa
• 0.2% for Central Asia



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