Will Trump pay for the damage he caused?

Source: CNN

The Capitol building hasn't been breached since the War of 1812, when British soldiers burned Washington.

Wednesday it wasn't the British attacking the Capitol. It was President Donald Trump's fiercest supporters, stoked by the commander in chief himself.

They left his speech to them at the White House and stormed the seat of the US Congress, where they halted the counting of electoral votes that will seal Joe Biden's victory in the 2020 election and push Trump from power. Lawmakers were evacuated. A woman was shot and died.

The rhetorical coup Trump has been fomenting on Twitter and in public appearances got very real very quickly.

Rep. Jason Crow, a Democratic congressman from Colorado who fought as an Army Ranger in Iraq and Afghanistan, described his shock at being trapped in the House chamber as police drew guns and barricaded people inside with furniture. He felt attacked in the center of American democracy.



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