Griddy Is Being Sued for $1 Billion for Allegedly Price Gouging During Texas Winter Storm

Source: Gizmodo

A Texas woman filed a class-action lawsuit this week to the tune of $1 billion in damages against Griddy, a Texas electricity retailer that the suit alleges engaged in illegal price gouging during the widespread outages that swept through the state last week.

Houston resident Lisa Khoury filed the suit on behalf of the countless Griddy customers that might be facing inordinate bills following the winter storm that knocked out power for countless residents across the state. Per Khoury’s suit, her monthly electric bills until this month ranged between $200 to $250. For the period between Feb. 1 and Feb. 19, she alleges Griddy charged her $9,546.

Griddy, for those unaware, is a service that lets Texas residents pay what the company claims are “wholesale rates” for electricity, rather than the fixed price that other providers might charge. Aside from these rates, Griddy also asks for a flat rate of about $10 per month for membership.



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