Apple simply offering Russian apps to iPhone users might not be enough to please the Kremlin

Source: iMore

Today saw Apple make good on a promise it made to Russia recently. The promise was that it would pre-install apps made by Russian developers on iPhones that are sold in the country. Except, Apple hasn't quite gone all the way, has it? Maybe it never intended to.

As of now, users are presented with a new screen during setup. That screen highlights apps made by Russian developers and allows users to install them right there and then. Apple also makes it very clear that the move isn't something it is doing by choice, too.

In compliance with Russian legal requirements, here are some apps from Russian developers that you may download.

Russian reports last month suggested Apple had agreed that, as of April 1, it would put Russian apps front and center. To some extent, it has. But letting people install apps isn't really the same as preinstalling them. And that's what the law in question was originally all about.



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