Australia Wants to Teach Basic Cybersecurity to 5-Year-Olds

Source: Gizmodo

Australia may become one of the first countries to truly buckle down and prioritize teaching children about online safety.

Though kids today are digital natives, they aren’t necessarily taught about all of the dangers that lurk in cyberspace. From a young age, children come to understand that iPads and smartphones are great, that Instagram and TikTok are vital parts of their existence, but they aren’t necessarily told about unsafe apps, data privacy or that opening an email attachment from a stranger can ruin your computer. It just isn’t something that gets prioritized in early childhood education.

Well, despite the fact that a lot of countries have been talking about putting more cybersecurity in their curriculums, Australia may actually end up being one of the first ones to do it in a more organized fashion. The country is currently undergoing a revision and review process for its national curriculum, and the most recent draft includes a section that promises to teach children ages five to 16 about a variety of topics related to online safety, data, and privacy, reports local outlet The Register. That curriculum would take a steady, gradual approach to instruction, introducing different concepts at different ages.



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