COVID-19 leaves high numbers of deaths and overwhelmed hospitals in Peru

Source: Medecines Sans Frontiers

LIMA – A deadly wave of COVID-19 is overwhelming Peru, where hospitals are struggling and critically lacking oxygen supplies, while infection rates are driven up by the presence of the P1 variant, commonly referred to as the Brazilian variant.

According to WHO data, in the first week of April, Peru, with a population of around 33 million, reported an average of almost 10,000 new cases and 300 deaths per day. The number of deaths represented an increase in excess of 50 per cent over the previous week. As a result, the country now suffers from the highest number of excess deaths in the world relative to population.

Medical staff are already stretched to their maximum capacity and beyond, while intensive care resources are insufficient to meet the needs. These issues are compounded by scarce access to badly needed vaccination: just three per cent of the population has received at least the first dose of a vaccine. All of this is preventing the healthcare system from mounting an adequate outbreak response.



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