Parliamentary Commission investigating Bolsonaro's handling of covid-19 pandemic starts sessions

Source: MercoPress

The Parliamentary Investigative Commission (CPI) probing President Jair Bolsonaro's handling of the coronavirus pandemic convened Thursday for the first time as Brazil surpassed the 400,000-casualty barrier.

Senators Omar Aziz and Renan Calheiros presided over the encounters where it was decided to summon former Health Minister, General Eduardo Pazuello for next Wednesday and Doctor Marcelo Queiroga, who replaced him in March, for next Thursday, together with National Health Surveillance Agency (Anvisa) Director, Admiral Antonio Barra Torres.

Bolsonaro has reportedly dubbed these sessions as a “Carnival out of season” as his allies are focused on how the pandemic was managed in the 27 states of the Union and the 5,600 municipalities throughout the country, while those against him would rather draw the spotlight on his health policy, his position before the vaccine, as well as social isolation and communication against the ailment, which includes the “fake news” spread by YouTubers and influencers linked to the ruling party.



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