Covid-19 and Vaccination in Venezuela: A Conversation with Elisabeth Daza and José Mireles (Part II)

Source: Venezuela Analysis

Beyond the impact of the sanctions, which we examined in part I of this interview, there are also structural problems in the healthcare system. What are the weaknesses and strengths that you encounter on a daily basis during the pandemic?

Mireles: In the context of the pandemic, one problem that we face is the lack of primary, secondary, and tertiary care in the public healthcare system. This kind of attention cannot be left aside in a pandemic, since the consequences are rapid, cumulative, and will end up impacting the development of Covid-19 itself.

Additionally, the government must really deliver all the support it can to the healthcare system. It must be prioritized. This includes increasing the salaries of medical personnel. Our work is essential, but it is also exhausting and very dangerous... Yet the government does not guarantee minimum working conditions or job stability. In fact, the salary of healthcare professionals is around five dollars a month.



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