Travel photographer Austin Mann took an iPhone 13 Pro to Tanzania with amazing results

Source: iMore

Every year Apple gives travel photographer Austin Mann a new iPhone to see what he can do with it and, invariably, he does something special. This year's iPhone 13 launch is no different, with Mann taking an iPhone 13 Pro to Tanzania.

The full, epic iPhone 13 Pro camera review is well worth checking out for a couple of reasons. Not only does it have a ton of photos that I won't be posting here, but it also has more information on how the shots were captured. There's even a short video, with Mann saying that was captured with a stock iPhone 13 Pro and a "simple handheld stabilizer."

All of the shots are stunning, with this Leopard captured using the iPhone 13 Pro's telephoto lens in ProRAW format. The photo was then edited in Lightroom CC right on the same iPhone.



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