Elizabeth Holmes “was in charge” at Theranos, Mattis tells court

Source: ARS Technica

James Mattis, the retired general and former defense secretary, took the stand yesterday in the criminal trial of Elizabeth Holmes, detailing how his faith in the company plummeted when a Wall Street Journal expose revealed that Theranos had been performing tests on third-party equipment.

“There just came a point where I didn’t know what to believe about Theranos anymore,” he said.
When Mattis first met Holmes in 2011 in San Francisco, he was taken by her vision and believed it could become a critical tool for the military. Later, she gave him a private demonstration, pricking his finger and showing him the company’s Edison device.

At the time, Mattis was in charge of US Central Command, which covers the Middle East and Central Asia, and he felt the Theranos machine would be ideal in locations without doctors, such as on board ships or in remote battlefields. “I did not want to miss an opportunity,” he said, urging the military to test the device. “I wanted a comparative study on Theranos from day one so we could bring it online.”



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