OBITUARY E.O. Wilson, naturalist dubbed a modern-day Darwin, dies at 92

Source: Reuters

WASHINGTON, Dec 27 (Reuters) - E.O. Wilson, an American naturalist dubbed the modern day Darwin whose interest in ants led him to conclusions about human nature being directed by genetics rather than culture, died on Sunday at the age of 92, his foundation said.

Alongside British naturalist David Attenborough, Wilson was considered one of the world's leading authorities on natural history and conservation.

"E.O. Wilson was called 'Darwin’s natural heir,' and was known affectionately as 'the ant man' for his pioneering work as an entomologist," the foundation wrote. It did not cite a cause of death but said a tribute to his life was planned for 2022.

In addition to groundbreaking work in evolution and entomology, in his later years Wilson spearheaded a campaign to unite the scientific and religious communities in an odd-couple pairing he felt presented the best chance to preserve Earth.

eo wilson 2.jpg, Dec 2021