Omicron becomes dominant strain worldwide, WHO says

Source: MercoPress


The World Health Organization (WHO) Tuesday admitted Omicron variant of the coronavirus was already the dominant one worldwide, accounting for almost 60% of the cases.

The new strain, which two weeks ago had only been detected in 1.6% of patients, is already present in 58.5% of the analyzes carried out, thus exceeding Delta's performance to become the dominant version.

The weekly epidemiological report published Tuesday by the WHO shows that more than 208,000 out of 357,000 tests carried out by the global network of GISAID laboratories in the last 30 days had detected the omicron variant, while 147,000 (41%) corresponded to the Delta variant, which in the previous weeks still accounted for 96% of the cases and was the main dominant strain for much of the year 2021.