Half of internet-connected devices in hospitals are vulnerable to hacks, report finds

Source: The Verge


Over half of internet-connected devices used in hospitals have a vulnerability that could put patient safety, confidential data, or the usability of a device at risk, according to a new report from the healthcare cybersecurity company Cynerio.

The report analyzed data from over 10 million devices at over 300 hospitals and health care facilities globally, which the company collected through connectors attached to the devices as part of its security platform.

The most common type of internet-connected device in hospitals was an infusion pump. These devices can remotely connect to electronic medical records, pull the correct dosage of a medication or other fluid, and dispense it to the patient. Infusion pumps were also the devices most likely to have vulnerabilities that could be exploited by hackers, the report found — 73 percent had a vulnerability. Experts worry that hacks into devices like these, which are directly connected to patients, could be used to hurt or threaten to hurt people directly. Someone could theoretically access those systems and change the dosage of a medication, for example.