COVID-19 not the only infectious threat in Argentina

Source: MercoPress


Argentine vacationers can catch diseases other than COVID-19, which can even bring on worse symptoms, it was reported after the Health Ministry announced it had detected cyanobacteria in AMBA (City of Buenos Aires and territories around it) and in the provinces of Entre Ríos, Córdoba and Santa Fe

The Ministry issued a warning and asked the population to be extremely careful when exposed to the blue-green algae that release toxins in waters that during the summer season are commonly used to cool off and constitute a potential threat to environmental and human health.

According to the Ministry, the presence of cyanobacteria has been detected on the coasts of the Río de La Plata, in Berisso and Ensenada (south of the City of Buenos Aires) and Tigre (north); in addition to several ponds and lagoons in the provinces of Buenos Aires, Córdoba and Santa Fe as well as in the Entre Ríos Uruguay River shore.