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Nobel awarded for making common, cheap chemicals into catalysts

Source: ARS TechnicaPlatinum is a ferociously expensive metal that is difficult to obtain and purify. Most of the small supply we produce every year isn't put to use for its properties as a metal....

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Catastrophic Volcanic Eruption Prompted Construction of Ancient Maya Pyramid, Research Suggests

Source: GizmodoAround 1,500 years ago, a powerful volcanic eruption laid waste to what is now El Salvador, sending the Maya civilization into a temporary period of decline. New research suggests a...

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Politics will be poorer without Angela Merkel’s scientific approach

Source: NatureGerman Chancellor Angela Merkel, a theoretical quantum chemist from the former East Germany, will stand down after federal elections on 26 September. This will mark the end of 16 years...

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Peru’s new president is controversial. Here’s why scientists have high hopes for him

Source: Science MagazineThe surprising victory of Pedro Castillo in Peru’s June presidential elections has worried many in the country’s business elite. Castillo, a former schoolteacher and union...

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