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Puerto Rico's Hidden Problem: White Collar Slavery

by Rodrigo FernósPuerto Rico has a hidden problem, that is increasingly becoming more evident as time goes on: white collar slavery. It is the type of social phenomenon that is insidious, but 'invisible' at the same...

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How Knowledge Moves: Writing the Transnational History of Science and Technology

Source: AmazonHow Knowledge Moves: Writing the Transnational History of Science and Technology Paperback – January 10, 2019by John Krige (Editor)Knowledge matters, and states have a stake in managing its movement to...

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Así son las conexiones de los diputados en Twitter

Fuente: El PaisLa cuenta de Twitter de cada diputado dice algo de sus preferencias. Pero todas agregadas reflejan el panorama político español: cada partido mira sobre todo su ombligo. Y si miran un poco hacia fuera, se...

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Por qué ningún boricua ha ganado el Premio Nobel

Fuente: Raúl A. Pérez Rivera/ENDIEl 3 de octubre tuvimos el honor de tener como conferenciante en la UPR-Humacao, al Dr. Martin Chalfie. El profesor Chalfie compartió el premio Nobel de química en el 2008 con los...

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EDITED BY MARÍA DEL PILAR BLANCO AND JOANNA PAGE “The most inclusive, informative, and up-to-date volume I have seen regarding science and culture in Latin America. An excellent choice for both the...

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Holy Science: The Biopolitics of Hindu Nationalism

By Banu SubramaniamSeries edited by Banu Subramaniam and Rebecca HerzigPUBLISHED: June 2019SUBJECT LISTING: Science and Technology Studies, Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, Asian Studies /...

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Children Put Canada and Norway on Blast for Climate Failures

Source: EartherThe teens are pissed. Perhaps you’ve heard.Young people have cranked up the pressure all year on world leaders in an attempt to get them to address climate change. In September, 16...

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'I Slept With My Gun': What It's Like to Get Your Ring Camera Hacked

Source: GizmodoHe was on his way home from the grocery store when he got the call. After a weekend out of town, John’s kids were finally asleep in his Houston area home. His wife, too, had been...

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