inflation uk.jpg, Dec 2021

How the pandemic has affected the economy, from empty shelves to higher prices

Source: NewsHourFrom the start of the pandemic consumers and retailers have faced shortages in a wide range of goods, from toilet paper to electronics. Economists and policy-makers have highlighted the role that...

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laura taylor swain 3.jpg, Nov 2021

Dear Judge Swain...

Dear Judge Laura Taylor Swain, Voter discrimination has historically been the bane of the African-American community in the U.S. South ever since the U.S. Civil War. Well known were the countless Jim Crow laws which...

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globad debt as percent gdp 2.png, Nov 2021

Structural Adjustment Problems and the Collapse of the Global Bond Market

by Rodrigo FernosThings work, until they don't.An interesting observation has been made in the field of engineering, that when things are pushed too far, they tend to reach the limits their breaking point--until they...

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Molnupiravir.png, Nov 2021


Source: WikipediaMolnupiravir, sold under the brand name Lagevrio, is an antiviral medication that inhibits the replication of certain RNA viruses, and is used to treat COVID-19 in those infected by...

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Razer Gaming Laptops Will Cost More Next Year, Razer CEO Says

Source: GizmodoThere’s no way to sugarcoat it: Buying gadgets this year has been a nightmare. Products are out of stock, bots are reselling them at exorbitant markups, and there is no firm timeline...

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Apple may have a problem with iPhone demand as well as supply

Source: The VergeApple is indicating to its iPhone 13 component suppliers that it may not order as many units as expected due to a drop in demand, according to a report in Bloomberg.While the company...

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AI maths whiz creates tough new problems for humans to solve

Source: NatureResearchers have built an artificial intelligence (AI) that can generate new mathematical formulae — including some as-yet unsolved problems that continue to challenge mathematicians.The...

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DeepMind’s AI helps untangle the mathematics of knots

Source: NatureFor the first time, machine learning has spotted mathematical connections that humans had missed. Researchers at artificial-intelligence powerhouse DeepMind, based in London, teamed up...

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