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Consumer DNA Testing May Be the Biggest Health Scam of the Decade

Source: GizmodoAt the start of this decade, the federal government called out consumer DNA testing as a burgeoning scam industry. Little did we know how it would explode in popularity. In 2010, the...

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Infected travelers reveal Cuba’s ‘hidden’ Zika outbreak

Source: Science MagazineAs Zika virus raced through the Americas and the Caribbean in 2015 and 2016, it infected an estimated 800,000 people and left nearly 4000 newborns with serious brain damage....

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The human body is a mosaic of different genomes

Source: NatureThe human body is a complex mosaic made up of clusters of cells with different genomes — and many of these clusters bear mutations that could contribute to cancer, according to a...

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World Health Organization panel weighs in on CRISPR-babies debate

Source: NatureThe World Health Organization (WHO) should create a global registry of studies that involve editing the human genome, and research funders and publishers should require scientists to...

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Controversial CRISPR baby experiment may have resulted in brain enhancements

Source: Digital TrendsChina’s CRISPR baby saga continues to rage on. After the birth of gene-edited twins in China last year, and the reported pregnancy of a second woman, the world’s scientific...

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‘Gene-edited babies’ is one of the most censored topics on Chinese social media

Source: NatureThe controversial topic of the first babies born from gene-edited embryos was one of the most censored on Chinese social media last year, according to researchers at the University of...

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The ecological roots of human susceptibility to social influence

Source: RoyalSociety Open ScienceThe ecological roots of human susceptibility to social influence: a pre-registered study investigating the impact of early-life adversityPierre O. Jacquet , Lou Safra...

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CRISPR-baby scientist fails to satisfy critics

Source: NatureHe Jiankui, a Chinese scientist who claims he helped to produce the first people born with edited genomes — twin baby girls — appeared today at a gene-editing summit in Hong Kong to...

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