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Cómo configurar el navegador web para la máxima seguridad

Fuente: El PaisLa privacidad está en juego más que nunca y, en este sentido, todas las precauciones que se adopten a la hora de navegar por la Red son pocas. Contar con un servicio VPN, sobre todo...

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I Slept With My Gun': What It's Like to Get Your Ring Camera Hacked

Source: GizmodoHe was on his way home from the grocery store when he got the call. After a weekend out of town, John’s kids were finally asleep in his Houston area home. His wife, too, had been...

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Science publishers review ethics of research on Chinese minority groups

Source: NatureTwo science publishers are reviewing the ethics of research papers in which scientists backed by China’s government used DNA or facial-recognition technology to study minority groups in...

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Private equity firm buys .org domain months after ICANN lifted price caps

Source: ARS TechnicaThe Public Internet Registry, a subsidiary of a nonprofit called the Internet Society, has managed the .org domain since 2002. Earlier this year, ICANN asked for public comment on...

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EFF Coalition Letter on Sale of Public Interest Registry

Source: Electronic Frontier FoundationNovember 22, 2019IDear Mr. Sullivan,We urge you to stop the sale of the Public Interest Registry (PIR) to Ethos Capital.Non-governmental organizations all over...

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Web Inventor Has an Ambitious Plan to Take Back the Net

Source: TIME MagazineWorld Wide Web inventor Tim Berners-Lee released an ambitious rule book for online governance — a bill of rights and obligations for the internet — designed to counteract the...

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Chinese infiltration of US labs caught science agencies off guard

Source: NatureUS science agencies’ slow response to the threat posed by China’s talent-recruitment programmes has allowed China to divert US government funds and private-sector technology to further...

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Muertes de defensores del Amazonas no llegan a la justicia

Fuente: SciDev   De los 300 asesinatos ocurridos en Brasil desde 2009 cuyas víctimas defensores de la Amazonia, solo 14 fueron llevados a juicio, según un reporte de la ONG Human Rights Watch (HRW).La...

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