About the use and abuse of "sense" technology

    One should not presume that we live in the same world as that of yesterday, as for example the world that existed fifty years ago.  Technology has evolved to such a degree, that the presumptions of privacy that we previously held might no longer apply, as described in the recent edition of Scientific American in a special volume titled, "The Future of Privacy" (September 2008).  Technologies which were developed to study the cosmos by drastically increasing the capacity of our principal senses--hearing and vision--now are applied to the common world.  What was once used by the security services of large states--the Soviet Union and the United States--are now available to small groups with effects which are perhaps more noxious.  A consideration of the ways in which these can be abused is chilling, and new legislation should be created  be attended these grave civil rights issues as soon as possible.  Do not presume that we necessarily live in the same sphere of privacy than which we previously lived in.