What's happening at March for Science events around the world

Source: Nature

Tens of thousands of people will gather today in Washington DC, and at least 600 other cities around the world, in what may be one of the largest-ever demonstrations in support of scientific research and evidence-based policymaking.

The March for Science was organized shortly after US President Donald Trump’s inauguration in January, largely in response to widespread alarm about his administration's attitude toward science. Trump has repeatedly called global warming a “hoax” and promised to roll back numerous environmental protection laws. And in March, the White House released a budget proposal that included double-digit cuts to agencies such as the Environmental Protection Agency and the National Institutes of Health.

More than 100 scientific societies and advocacy organizations have endorsed the march, but it has also proved controversial. Critics charge that march organizers have diluted the event’s message by focusing on challenges that the scientific community faces, such as the inclusion of racial minorities, rather than advocating for science itself. Many are also concerned that the protest casts science as a partisan issue, although event organizers and supporters have pushed back, insisting the marches aren't political.



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