After a Biotech Exec Got Chummy With Trump and the FDA, His Drug Was Fast-Tracked

Source: Gizmodo

FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb IMAGE: AP
Since taking office in May 2017, Food and Drug Administration head Scott Gottlieb has set about working to make drug approval a less “slow and burdensome” process. In one case, though, the drug approval process might have moved a little too quickly, according to the independent watchdog group the Project on Government Oversight.
A letter obtained by POGO in a Freedom of Information Act request reveals that Amicus Therapeutics CEO John Crowley sent Gottlieb a friendly note—just months before the experimental drug Amicus makes was fast-tracked by the FDA.

“Scott, Congratulations, again!” the note from Crowley opens. “Thanks for your attention to the attached.” The attachment was a more formal letter suggesting that the FDA withdraw its request for additional research into one of Amicus Therapeutics’ drugs.



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