Cambridge Analytica Goons Brag About Winning the Election for Trump in New Undercover Video

Source: Gizmodo

Cambridge Analytica, the data-firm that’s wrapped up in a massive scandal with Facebook, is having a very bad week. Following Monday’s reveal of an undercover video showing executives bragging about blackmail and bribery, a new video shows the men bragging about winning the election for Donald Trump and their use of a high-tech email system “with a self-destruct timer.”

Channel 4's multi-part investigation into Cambridge Analytica concluded on Tuesday with another video of the firm’s CEO, Alexander Nix, meeting with an undercover reporter who was impersonating a fixer for a wealthy client seeking help in swaying Sri Lankan elections. Mark Turnbull, Cambridge Analytica’s managing director of political global, and Dr. Alex Tayler, the company’s chief data scientist, are also identified as attendees at the meeting.

In Tuesday’s video, executives claimed that they could “send some girls around” to opposition candidates in order to create damaging material against them. They also floated the option of setting up meetings with opponents in which they’re sneakily offered a bribe and caught on video. It’s unclear how much of that talk is puffery, but it was certainly enough to prompt the UK’s data watchdog to seek a warrant to raid the company’s headquarters and get Nix suspended.