File lessons the iPad needs to learn from the Mac

Source: MacWorld

As someone who travels with an iPad Pro rather than a MacBook, I complained for years about iOS’s inability to perform basic file management, including mounting networked file servers and accessing the contents of attached USB drives and unzipping archives. With the arrival of iPadOS 13, those problems were finally addressed. Stop laughing, Mac users.

In the spirit of taking what’s given to you and then ungratefully asking for more: The job’s just not done. Yes, iPad file management finally exists. But it needs to be a lot better.

Your file is my type

It’s not surprising that in an operating system that was largely designed to be free of files, there are a bunch of missing pieces. Perhaps the biggest one is the sheer lack of a consistent approach to file types. Every file has a type—some files are video, some are audio, some are plain text, some are Microsoft Word. And different apps have the ability to deal with certain file types.